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New Arrivals : SS 2017 INDRESS

INDRESS Gold reversible silk blend jacquard dress with belt

INDRESS Emerald green satin cotton tunic

INDRESS Ivory silk blend jacquard tank

INDRESS Olive green silk blend jacquard shirt dress

INDRESS Olive green silk blend jacquard shirt dress

INDRESS Long silk blend lurex skirt (convertible to a dress)

INDRESS Forest green silk blend jacquard long dress with criss cross straps

INDRESS Linen and lurex sweater, Made in France

Introducing : Happy Sheep Knitwear

happy_sheep_logo copy
We are so excited to be introducing this amazing new knitwear line from Italy. Ultralightweight knits for Summer made of silk with a little cashmere.

Happy Sheep is conceived in Italy, where a creative team works on the project from the idea to the design. But it comes alive in Nepal, in a factory in the Kathmandu valley, where 30 local artisans give shape to our ideas.

The best cashmere yarn from Mongolia is sent here, where it gets colored and crafted following an ancient tradition, the same used to produce Kelim rugs.
These techniques mantain their uniqueness in the industrial production, granting a handcraft quality to the product.

Happy Sheep. Mad in Italy, made in Nepal.

Happy Sheep Long Stripe V-neck Dress (85% Silk, 15% Cashmere)

New Arrivals : SS 2017 Wouters & Hendrix Jewelry

Wouters & Hendrix Textured Cuff with Closure

Wouters & Hendrix is taking you on a mind blowing trip with their Summer’17 Collection, with a design based on the real experiences of someone who survived a spectacular trip through a black hole.

Wouters & Hendrix, who were always fascinated by quantum singularities and time travel, used a forgotten but incredible story as the inspiration for their latest Summer ’17 Collection, and called it; INTERSTELLAR LOVE. This is a wonderful & surprising collection, full of playful metamorphoses, visual contradictions, gravitational improbabilities, odd optical effects and surprising serendipity.

The images are based on the experiences of some kids who, completely by accident, went through a black hole. In the summer of 2011, a small group of Belgian students visited the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. At a certain moment they were left alone in the Interstellar Power Room. Nobody knows how they got in, but apparently one of the boys opened the hatch to the Boost Shuttle Tank and climbed in, and the others followed. Minutes later a Time Dilation Test was conducted when the group was still inside.

Before this accident, there was never ever anybody brave or foolish enough to test the limits of our own physics and experience a black hole from within. Everybody assumed that entering a black hole meant horrible death. The youngsters described it as the weirdest trip of their lives. They were very afraid and shocked at first, but it turned out to be the most wonderful, inexplicable experience they ever had.

One of the girls says it changed her life completely: “I was shrouded in fire, I watched my friend Sam from afar, speeding up in this mysterious bright yellow cloud. Minute by minute, my friends swelled in volume, blazing in a brilliant light, wildly roaring and making odd musical noises. I could see inside their head. I saw every spectrum of radiance and color. The others were like swirling storms, rivers, aflare with eerie lightnings. Vast tatters of their bodies flew off and exploded into flame, torrented back down and trown with red spindrift across the blue heavens, before vanishing into golden stardust clouds. It was as if the stars themselves spoke to me, their light rays bent, scattered and forever beautiful. It was brilliant!”

Wouters & Hendrix Wide Textured Cuff

Wouters & Hendrix Textured Circle Necklace

Wouters & Hendrix MOP Leverback Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Sliver Drop Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Large Spike Drop Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot Ring

Wouters & Hendrix Textured 4 Ring Set

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot Drop Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot Post Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Textured Circle and Onyx Necklace

Wouters & Hendrix Gold Stick and Large Onyx Circle Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot and Black Onyx Post Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot with Black Onyx Ring

Wouters & Hendrix Mocca and Black Resin Stripe Square Bangle

Wouters & Hendrix Textured Dot, Mocca and Black Resin Stripe Necklace

Wouters & Hendrix Mocca and Black Resin Stripe Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Gold Stick, Mocca and Black Resin Stripe Circle Necklace