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New Arrivals : SS 2017 Wouters & Hendrix Jewelry

Wouters & Hendrix Textured Cuff with Closure

Wouters & Hendrix is taking you on a mind blowing trip with their Summer’17 Collection, with a design based on the real experiences of someone who survived a spectacular trip through a black hole.

Wouters & Hendrix, who were always fascinated by quantum singularities and time travel, used a forgotten but incredible story as the inspiration for their latest Summer ’17 Collection, and called it; INTERSTELLAR LOVE. This is a wonderful & surprising collection, full of playful metamorphoses, visual contradictions, gravitational improbabilities, odd optical effects and surprising serendipity.

The images are based on the experiences of some kids who, completely by accident, went through a black hole. In the summer of 2011, a small group of Belgian students visited the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. At a certain moment they were left alone in the Interstellar Power Room. Nobody knows how they got in, but apparently one of the boys opened the hatch to the Boost Shuttle Tank and climbed in, and the others followed. Minutes later a Time Dilation Test was conducted when the group was still inside.

Before this accident, there was never ever anybody brave or foolish enough to test the limits of our own physics and experience a black hole from within. Everybody assumed that entering a black hole meant horrible death. The youngsters described it as the weirdest trip of their lives. They were very afraid and shocked at first, but it turned out to be the most wonderful, inexplicable experience they ever had.

One of the girls says it changed her life completely: “I was shrouded in fire, I watched my friend Sam from afar, speeding up in this mysterious bright yellow cloud. Minute by minute, my friends swelled in volume, blazing in a brilliant light, wildly roaring and making odd musical noises. I could see inside their head. I saw every spectrum of radiance and color. The others were like swirling storms, rivers, aflare with eerie lightnings. Vast tatters of their bodies flew off and exploded into flame, torrented back down and trown with red spindrift across the blue heavens, before vanishing into golden stardust clouds. It was as if the stars themselves spoke to me, their light rays bent, scattered and forever beautiful. It was brilliant!”

Wouters & Hendrix Wide Textured Cuff

Wouters & Hendrix Textured Circle Necklace

Wouters & Hendrix MOP Leverback Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Sliver Drop Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Large Spike Drop Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot Ring

Wouters & Hendrix Textured 4 Ring Set

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot Drop Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot Post Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Textured Circle and Onyx Necklace

Wouters & Hendrix Gold Stick and Large Onyx Circle Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot and Black Onyx Post Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Small Textured Dot with Black Onyx Ring

Wouters & Hendrix Mocca and Black Resin Stripe Square Bangle

Wouters & Hendrix Textured Dot, Mocca and Black Resin Stripe Necklace

Wouters & Hendrix Mocca and Black Resin Stripe Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Gold Stick, Mocca and Black Resin Stripe Circle Necklace

New Arrivals : FW 2016 Wouters & Hendrix

Wouters & Hendrix Cascade Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Grey Agate Baroque Necklace

Wouters & Hendrix Malachite Post Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Mother of Pearl Rock Crystal Leverback Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Mother of Pearl Twig Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Multichain Necklace

Wouters & Hendrix Obsidian Ring

Wouters & Hendrix Blue Yellow Tiger Eye Eyelash Earrings (slightly different colour than shown)

Wouters & Hendrix Black Onyx Chandelier Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Black Onyx Post Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Pave Marcasite Egg Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Spray Post Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Sunstone Teardrop Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Blue Yellow Tiger Eye Twig Earrings

New Arrivals : SS 2016 Wouters & Hendrix


What happened, Miss Mae?

What happened, Miss Mae? is an original collection with beautiful, exotic colours and elegant references reminiscent of the wild 1940s and 1950s in Cuba. Wouters & Hendrix focuses on eccentric elegance combined with pure Belgian craftsmanship. This marvellous and surprising collection was inspired by a strange and almost forgotten story …

Looking for inspiration, Wouters & Hendrix bought an old metal box. The box contained an old film and what they saw when they watched the footage was remarkable! It shows a young girl dancing joyfully with a big black bear, who appears to be an amazingly elegant dancer…

The girl, Mae Escambrai the Pinos (94) was a Cuban dancer who has been living in Brussels since 1973. She told the story of her dancing bear. The 11-year-old Mae found Joe as a small cub, locked in a dirty circus cabin. Mae kidnapped him and raised him as if he were her ‘little’ brother. She taught him to dance salsa and together they danced in the streets. Sweeth Tooth Joe disappeared in May 1958 in Havana, when the country was in turmoil. At that time, talented Miss Mae and her beloved Joe were the most successful dance act of Havana. For fifteen years she kept looking for Sweeth Tooth Joe, and eventually she ended up in Brussels, penniless and exhausted.

Wouters & Hendrix Chain Link Ivory Pearl Earrings (top left, clockwise), White Cat’s Eye Large Post Earrings, Acorn Hair Pin (could also wear as a brooch), Triple Ivory Crystal Pearl Stud Earrings.

Wouters & Hendrix Gold Circle Charms Hoop Earrings, Sun Spring Circle Hoop Post Earrings, Beetle Bracelet.

Wouters & Hendrix Perspex and Gold Pendant Necklace, White Cat’s Eye Large Leverback Earrings, Pink Cat’s Eye Triangle Hook Earrings.

Wouters & Hendrix Hemp Leaf and Postcard Necklace, Pink Swarovski Crystal Hemp Leaf Earrings, Hemp Leaf and Pale Green Swarovski Earrings.

hammered circle
Wouters & Hendrix Large Hammered Circle Drop Earrings.

New Arrivals : Wouters & Hendrix Playfully Precious FW 2015

Dark Crystal Pearl and Giant Faux Pearl Necklace

Infused with key values for Wouters & Hendrix, such as poetry and refinement, the new collection uses contrasting emotions and fleeting sensations to deliver striking jewelry pieces. Expressing the precious and intimate dimension of jewelry-making, as well as the designers’ signature values, this season’s collection focuses on discreet and intricate fabrications, which demand a second glance. Mixing materials in a humorous and surprising way, and looking for links between past and future, Katrin Wouters and Karen Hendrix underline the subjective aspect of their creative process, coming up with fresh alternatives and new proportions.

Moonstone and Brown Crystal Pearl Earrings | Small Dot Bracelet

Assorted Pearl Earrings (including one clip-on style for those without piercings)

Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Flower Earrings

Hammered Cuff Bracelet and Ring

Long Gold Vermeil Pattern Shaped Red Perspex Necklace | Gold Vermeil Key Earrings | Gold Vermeil Layered Red Perspex Earrings

Hammered Arc Necklace | Articulated Triple Half Moon Pendant Post Earrings

Gold Vermeil Pattern Shaped Red Perspex Necklace

Long Necklace with Tiger Iron and Perspex Pendants | Brown Tiger Iron and Smokey Quartz Earrings | Tiger Iron Ring

New Arrivals : Blues and Greys

Indress silk and feather headpiece | Mina Perhonen embroidered silk blouse

Indress silk and feather headpiece | Mina Perhonen embroidered silk blouse

Mina Perhonen grey giraffe top | Jane Hollinger gold necklaces (gold bar, and diamond solitaire coco)

Indress sage silk brooch | Gillian Steinhardt rings

Indress black silk deep V blouse | Jane Hollinger Chalcedony pendant gold necklace

Indress blue and grey reversible silk chiffon blouse | Jane Hollinger diamond solitaire coco necklace

Indress blue and grey reversible silk chiffon blouse | Jane Hollinger diamond solitaire coco necklace |
Wouters and Hendrix stud post earrings

Indress blue and grey reversible silk chiffon blouse | Wouters and Hendrix gold stacking ring set |
PB 0110 navy and black tote

Indress tobacco silk chiffon open back dress | Jane Hollinger gold disc necklace | La Botte Gardiane taupe suede ankle boots

New Arrivals : SS 2015 Wouters & Hendrix – 1st Delivery!

Amazonite rectangle post earrings, ring, and pendant necklace

Are you ready for Spring? Why not ease your way into the new season with a piece of spectacular jewelry from Belgium’s Wouters & Hendrix! This first delivery has a mix of silver and gold, to suit your preference, and features the refreshing turquoise-green Amazonite, brown agate, as well as freshwater pearls.


Brown agate drop earrings | Gold clam drop earrings

Mother of pearl flower drop earrings

Freshwater pearl post earrings | Sterling silver hoop earrings with freshwater pearls

Sterling silver bracelet with pig pendant and freshwater pearl drop

Single lip earring | Single mini freshwater pearl earring | Single silver hoop earring with pig pendant and freshwater pearl

New Arrivals : Wouters & Hendrix FW 2014

Take a walk on the wild side with the new collection from Wouters & Hendrix. In it they revisit the heyday of Studio 54 with a modern twist. This collection will debut in the shop on Thursday November 13, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the designers from Antwerp. We hope you will join us for the evening where artwork from the designers will be displayed and the new jewelry collection will be presented.















Outfits : Jewelry

Rodier Cotton basketweave sweater on sale! | Wouters and Hendrix Rectangular hammered Dries Van Noten ring on sale! | Wouters and Hendrix Pearl and sun stone ring

Photos by Jo Dickens
Les Prairies de Paris Black silk pleated mini dress on sale! | Iosselliani Faded ink necklace with crystals | Iosselliani Fringe earrings

Les Prairies de Paris Black silk pleated mini dress on sale! | Iosselliani Green and gold necklace with crystals

Les Prairies de Paris Black silk pleated mini dress on sale! | Wouters and Hendrix Pearl solitaire bracelet

Outfits : Button Down

Alexandra Verschueren Cotton button down shirt with peter pan collar on sale!

Photos by Jo Dickens
Alexandra Verschueren Cotton button down shirt with peter pan collar on sale! | Wouters and Hendrix Earrings and Grey agate ring

Outfits : Navy Day Dress

Mina Perhonen Navy dress on sale! | Wouters and Hendrix Necklace and Cuff | Mature Ha Abaca hat |
Maison Boinet One-size adjustable belt

Photos by Jo Dickens02_DSC_2359lo
Mina Perhonen Navy dress on sale! | Wouters and Hendrix Necklace and Cuff | Maison Boinet One-size adjustable belt | Massimo Palomba Woven leather clutch on sale!

Mina Perhonen Navy dress on sale! | Wouters and Hendrix Necklace and Cuff | Maison Boinet One-size adjustable belt | Jamin Puech Leather bag with removable clutch on sale!