New Arrivals : Khadi & Co. Scarves

khadi and co scarf
We are happy to be inviting several new labels to the store for this season, and we begin our new Fall Arrivals with beautiful wool scarves by Khadi and Co.

Khadi and Co. was founded by Danish designer Bess Nielsen in 2006. Over her illustrious career in the fashion industry, she has designed for other labels, such as Kenzo, before co-founding Epice, with Jan Machenhauer. Currently based in Paris, Bess has collaborated with textile artisans in India for over 30 years. She continues to do so with her label Khadi and co. The name of the brand, Khadi, means hand spun and hand woven cloth. The scarves we have for Fall are all made by hand, and are 100% wool. The work of creating these designs helps support three villages in India.

khadi and co bar

New Arrival : Scarves by Inouitoosh

We are happy to be introducing the Inouitoosh scarf line from Paris. And just in time for this cooler weather!

Each scarf is made of either a soft Cashmere and wool, silk and wool blend, or a thicker boiled wool ($160-$195)

They make a great gift and come packaged in an envelope made from recycled Indian newspaper by an NGO whose main objective is to provide education and shelter to street children.

New Arrivals from London : Antoni & Alison, Rose & Rose

It’s been a busy few days at the shop with new arrivals from England. We have just received scarves from Rose & Rose, and the clever designs of Antoni & Alison are back in 4 new trompe l’oeil designs:

Tweed + Pink Feather, 100% silk, $650

Green Tree on Twig (Rosemary), 100% silk, $650

Floral Tweed Trim, 100% wool, $675

Stripe Knit, 100% silk, $575


Rose & Rose cotton scarves were very popular this summer, and we’ve just received their Fall collection of lightweight wool scarves. They are surprisingly soft!  $115-$185