FNO & Antipast

Grey lace Antipast tights ($65) – they also come in black, blue, dark navy, and cream. One thing that makes these special is that there is no seam up the middle to the waistband. They are all one piece!
Les Prairies de Paris Python heels $395

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our Fashion’s Night Out event on Thursday. We had a lot of fun hosting, and are already looking forward to our next party (stay tuned!)

We also want to congratulate Sonja on winning the sock decorating contest – what a great looking sock (see last picture) She won a beautiful pair of socks by Antipast!

We still have many styles of Japanese tights ($65-$95 each) and socks ($45) available in the shop. Though they are proving to be quite popular (especially the wool tights), so visit soon!

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