Introducing : Wouters & Hendrix

We are excited to welcome Wouters & Hendrix to our jewelry offerings here at Gaspard. The designers behind this label are Katrin Wouters & Karen Hendrix, who are graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. They like to play in contrasts: between shadow and light; ostentation and austerity, and have a wonderful sense of humour, as demonstrated in their Onyx and Labradorite ring pops (see in store!).

While fun in design, the materials they use ensure a sophisticated and timeless beauty. The pieces are plated in 18k gold, over a sterling silver base. The stones featured in the current collections include Onyx, Labradorite, and Rutilated Quartz. Photographed below are only a few of the pieces we are carrying. Please visit us in-store to view our full selection.


left to right : Round Onyx earrings with gold setting, $190 | Onyx studs, $160 | Labradorite multi-stone drop earrings, $240 | Labradorite drop earrings, $180


clockwise : Rectangular DVN ring, $485 | Gold filagree lace ring, $250 | Stacked ring with Onyx (set of 5), $450 | Gold solitaire ring, $220 | Chain ring, $175

photo : Seventeen magazine : 3D Square Onyx Ring, $370

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