Introducing : Pascale Monvoisin Jewelry

Fine gold plated 18K metal ring, turquoise pearl of 2mm. Length: 7cm.

Gaspard is happy to introduce a new jewelry designer, Pascale Monvoisin, to the boutique. A world traveler, and all around artistic person, Pascale’s life as a jewelry designer began after making a ring with beads from a flea market and then accelerated into making necklaces and earrings. And by 2009 she launched her first collection.

Rough and refined designs, manufactured and organic materials, mystical and urban inspirations: the sensuality of Pascale Monvoisin’s jewelry springs from an alchemy of contrasts.

Pascale’s jewelry brings to mind the energy and relaxed feel of the West Coast and its beaches – what a perfect way to welcome the Summer season!

All jewelry is made in France.

Pictured here are some highlights from the in-store selection. Please visit us to see everything!

Fine rose gold 10K necklace, shell embedded with a turquoise of approx 3mm, set in fine gold 18K.
Length: 30cm.

Fine rose gold 18K necklace, silver rhodium pendant embedded with diamonds. Length: 30cm.

Fine rose gold 18K ring, a diamond cobblestone in silver rhodium of 0,8 x 1,3cm

Fine rose gold 18K bracelet, labradorite of approx 5 x 7cm, set in silver rhodium, embedded with a rose cut diamond of 3mm set in fine gold 18K

Fine rose gold 14K earring, shark teeth of approx 1,2cm, enameled with grey colour. Length: 1,5cm.

Fine rose gold 14K necklace, shark teeth of 1,2cm. Length: 30cm.

Fine rose gold 18K earrings, chrysoprase set in rose gold 18K, embedded with a rose cut diamond of 3mm set in fine gold 18K. Length: 2,5cm.

Fine rose gold 18K ring, embedded with an opal of 7 x 9mm and a rose cut diamond of 3mm approx.

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